Welcome to Mavra Studios in Lefkada Island

Mavra Studios is the ideal vacation retreat far from the bustle of modern life. The visitor feels the hospitality and warmth from the first moment. Family owned and managed, Mavra Studios is a traditional-styled building paying great attention to detail. At Mavra Studios we extend you a warm welcome while our friendly staff ensures an enjoyable stay.

The Mavra Studios experience

You may enjoy a refreshing cocktail, drinks and cold beverages from our Snack bar, in the garden or by the beach. With the aroma from the garden you may enjoy your breakfast at our terrace.

Mavra Studios has rooms with a view of the sea, of the green garden, or of the mountains and even inland. Undoubtedly your visit will be very pleasant, since the hotel’s rooms are decorated in a modern way; they are convenient and very comfortable.

Lygia at Lefkada island

Lygia a very relaxing place to stay. The food is great!  You can sit for hours at one of the harbour-front taverns eating a plate of Gavros (small fried fish) with a Greek salad and a basket of fresh, crusty Greek bread, enjoying the breeze of the sea and the view!

The area is ideal for those who enjoy hiking as Ligia is framed in pine-covered hills and olive groves. The pebble beach (Where Mavra studios are), is usually quiet, except during the peak season, where you can enjoy your drink, snacks and socialize in our snack bar or by the beach.